dotActive provides access to wellness products and service providers whose individual solutions have limited reach or business value. Through crafting solutions that draw on the strengths of our partners, dotActive is able to provide tailored offerings that talk to your company’s specific objectives, and vision, without imposing a rigid product suite that traditionally has limited impact and poor adoption rates.

Supported by our sister company dotConsult, we are able to provide innovative wellness-focused IT solutions that exploit the reach of multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and enterprise platforms. dotConsult also provides consulting and support services to enable disruptive or evolutionary digital transformation journeys depending on the needs of the client.



Partnerships with leading niche service providers in the healthcare sector allow us to shape our solutions specific to each client’s needs. We do not do a one-size-fits-all approach because wellness is interpreted differently in different sectors and demographic groups. Contact us for a free exploratory discussion on how we can make your next wellness event fun and engaging, while also delivering tangible value for your EAP or member engagement strategy.  

Advanced Medical Devices

Hemptons is a pioneer in the hemp food industry in South Africa. Hemptons provides unique sports supplements, and a range of body care products that are as close to nature as possible. Sourced from sustainable and organic producers, none of their products contain chemical flavourants, anti-caking agents, fillers, or preservatives. Their simple philosophy is to support muscle repair that is needed through the natural training cycle, making it ideal for both professional athletes and the average person that is looking for the best for their body.

Research Partner

Watch this space for an announcement of an exciting partnership with one of the most respected names in disrupting the flawed paradigms of dietary advice that has been perpetuated for the last few decades. With volumes of proven case studies and peer reviewed research, we will provide guidance to our subscribers on how to reverse potentially life threatening chronic ailments. dotActive is committed to furthering this research in a meaningful way, and commits to providing funding to research organisations that support our goal of enabling practical solutions to the health problems that plague the societies in which we live. A percentage of all proceeds from lifestyle products and services offered by dotActive will be contributed in perpetuity to these organisations because change is not cheap. Nor is poor health!

Connecting the Dots

A partner company of dotActive, dotConsult provides key strategic input towards the enablement of the capabilities needed to deliver on the dotActive promise. With extensive experience in digital strategies and transformation initiatives, dotConsult has a broad reach into the IT and Healthcare industries that allows dotActive to tailor a solution that resonates with your corporate identity, rather than a simple rebranded white-label product that disrupts your user journey. Between dotConsult and dotActive, we can integrate our solution offering into any existing standards-based platform to ensure a seamless user experience, thereby maximising potential for adoption.